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Disc Scaffolding factory
Origin: renqiu city, cangzhou city, hebei material: Q345B
Length and width: phi 38*600 load bearing: 20000kg
Specification: 38*600 brand: Hebei Texing
Purpose: scaffold accessories support fasteners work height: 100 meters
Material: Q235
Scaffold type: scaffold fastener type: disc
Model No.: 5*13.8 type: support and butterfly clasp
Thickness: 5mm diameter: 13.8mm
A bolt is a simple part, usually metal, that prevents a door from opening. It has two parts, one with a movable bar and the other with a "nose". Usually the part with the bar is fixed on the door, the nose is fixed on the door frame, and the position should be corresponding. The structure is much simpler than a lock, but the effect is similar, just lock outside the door, bolt in the door. When in use, insert the rod into the nose. Bolt chaxiao.
Bolt: fixed horizontal bar and vertical bar (the bolt is on the horizontal bar, the bolt hole of the buckle joint is small on the top and big on the bottom, because of the rivet limit, it can only go down, can't take out the buckle joint on the top, it is not easy to lose). The outer surface of the bolt shall be consistent with the inner surface of the end buckle joint of horizontal rod and inclined rod. The bolt shall ensure that it will not be pulled out after self-locking by hammer, and the pulling force shall not be less than 3KN. When the pedestrian passage is set in the template bracket, if the width of the passage is the same as the width of the single degree bar, the first level degree bar and the inclined bar can be indirectly removed, and the vertical diagonal bar shall be set for the vertical vertical bar on both sides of the passage.Disc Scaffolding factory

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