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China Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire factory
In the production of galvanized steel wire, various types of high-quality carbon structural steel are drawn and then galvanized. After scientific processing, a good quality product is formed. The surface of Galvanized Steel Wire for Armoured is very smooth and smooth, with virtually no cracks, spurs and so on. The coating is very uniform, has a strong adhesion, and has a long lasting corrosion resistance. It has a professional production process, has a strong elasticity, a certain degree of toughness, and excellent performance. At the time of production, it needs to be repeatedly bent, bent at least 13 times, with strong toughness, very uniform plating layer and very thin thickness.
Packing: Coil, Spool
Standard:JIS G 3547, YB/T 5294; BS EN 10244-2; ASTM A641; etc.
zinc layer
Meet the requirements of "GB/T15393 steel wire galvanizing layer" and related standards.
Galvanized Steel Wire for Armoured is used to manufacture low current, low and medium voltage cables such as energy, telecommunications, instrumentation, traffic signals, underwater and data.China Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire factory

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