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Pipe Metal Detector suppliers
Pipe metal detector for pastry
For inspecting liquid and pastry product.
Pipeline metal detector used for soups, sauces, pastes, chocolate, jams, sausage meats, juices.
1.Detection and separation of metal contaminants for pumped, liquid and paste Production;
2.Easy to integrate in pipeline systems by quick connectors;
3.Reliable rejection of contaminants is guaranteed by the use of quick valve according to different product characteristics.
4.Outstanding ease of operation with product auto-learn function;
5.High detection sensitivity and stability compared with the tunnel machine;
6 Designed for easy cleaning in high-strength stainless steel.
Technical Parameter:
Detection diameter (mm)506380
Sensitivity Fe (mm)
Sensitivity SUS (mm)
Alarm modelSound and light alarm
ExclusionWhen detecting metal, flap excludes automatically
Pressure requirements≥1.6Mpa
EnvironmentTemperature 10-40°C, humidity less than 85% (avoid freezing, condensation)
Power supply220V/110V AC
1.As mentioned above the sensitivity is in the empty state,and the actual sensitivity is relative with factory environment and product effect;
2.Detection volume per hours is relative with product weight and speed;
3.The products of different specification can be ordered according to the customers requirements.Pipe Metal Detector suppliers

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